Incasa Copper Iodide

Supply Specifications

  1. Packing Option Available
    Net weight: 25 Kg with a tolerance of ± 0,02 Kg.
    Inside packing: plastic bag
    Outside packing: fiber box
  2. Packing identification containing at least this information:
    1. Supplier identification
    2. Product identification and batch identification
    3. Manufacturing date and expiry date
    4. Net weight and gross weight
    5. UN number: 3077
    6. Hazard class: 9
    7. Destination: country and/or city name where the product have been exported
    8. Purchase order number: if applicable

Cuprous Iodide has a validity of 4 years after manufactured.

Product Specifications

CharacteristicsINCASA Specifications
AppearanceBeige crystals
Assay (as CuI)Not less than 98,0%
CopperNot less than 32,6%
IronNot more than 0,075%
SulfateNot more than 0,1%
Loss on dryingNot more than 1,0%
Retained on the 100 mesh sieveNot more than 18,0%
Retained in the plateMin 82,0%

Certificate of Analysis
The Incasa CA’s containing at least this information:

  1. Emission date
  2. Invoice number
  3. Purchase order number: if applicable
  4. Importer identification
  5. Molecular form of product
  6. Product identification
  7. Batch (number, quantity, manufacturing and validity)
  8. Results of analytical tests
  9. Name and signature of Quality Control

Transport Information
Hazard Class: 9
UN: 3077